I haven't studied at a world-renowned photography college. I haven't been born with a magic sight for photography, neither have I been born with an immense technical knowledge right of the bat but I do sincerely believe fascination, application and devotion can incite a self-studying that no college can provide and no book can teach.I learned every single thing I know by looking at literally thousands and thousands of photographs, studying the lighting, analyzing the composition and reverse-engineering the picture to find out exactly how it was made.

Love for a craft such as photography cannot be created artificially and it's my profound conviction that it must reside within the person and to grow within the person, and that that fact can make up for a lacking collegial education. Like so many other things, photography can be something you learn through life, experience and experience.With parents from both English and French decent, the cultural background of my education was to say the least rich, which helpes me in creating interesting images every single time. Always keep your eyes open upon passing somewhere unfamiliar. You never know where you'll pick up your next great idea, and never forgive yourself for missing it.

Travelling is one of my favourite passions and it is something I take great care in doing regularly. I am a firm believer that travalling is one of the greatest sources of inspiration.

I look up to Patrick Demarchelier, Mario Testino, David Sims, Annie Leibovitz, Irving Penn, Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, and many others. I love indie music, but can indulge myself in classical music aswell. Music is an essential part of my workflow. Preparation and readyness are of critical importance to me, as they are the key to success. Located in one of the world's fashion capitals is bound to ensure cooperations with upcoming talents as well as established designers. 
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We have a selection of photographs available for print purchase. 
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All color prints are printed on high quality Fuji Digital Lustre Pearl Paper.
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Agency : Ooshot Paris, France.
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